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  • “Albert was recommended to my husband and I by a friend who worked with Albert to purchase their home. We were told by them wonderful things about Albert. It was hard to believe because every Realtor we came into contact with only was interested in getting a sale.

    But we noticed from our first meeting with Albert that he truly enjoys his job. Not only does he help you look for the right home; but he takes his time to educate you on the process of purchasing a home. As my husband and I were first time home buyers we had tons of questions about everything; but he was more than willing to explain everything to us until we were comfortable and happy.”

  • “Albert is the best realtor ever!! My husband and I found ourselves in a bind. We had to make a decision of buying a house either in a period of two months or wait two years. We decided we wanted to give our two little ones a beautiful home sooner than 2 years. We contacted Albert and asked him if getting a house AND close in two months would be doable. His immediate response was, it can be done as long as we start right away. We explained to him what we were looking for, in a matter of a week we found the house of our dreams. We fell in love with it the moment we saw it. We started our search September 1 and closed on October 16. Albert was incredible he made the whole process so easy and pleasant. He was dedicated and always made sure to negotiate in getting ourselves a fair deal. We are so pleased with his services. He is an incredible person, professional and very caring to his clients needs. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property Albert is the person you need to contact.”
    ~Moni k829
  • “We purchase our first home with Albert Vasquez and we couldn’t have been any happier! Originally we tried buying a home 2 years ago, however every realtor we worked with were unexperienced, hard to get in contact with and lacked in customer service. We would find ourselves feeling like a purchase of a new home just wasn’t for us, until we recently decided to look one last time and found ourselves with the only realtor that actually had AAA+++customer service, masterful experience and very trust worthy. Were happy to say that we bought our first house in as little as 30 days. If your ready and serious to purchase a home, Albert Vasquez is the Realtor for you! He is very patient, knowledgeable, trust worthy, dependable and supportive . Always available when we had any questions or concerns. Albert Vasquez was truly a blessing to have as our Realtor!”