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A Comparative Market Analysis is an excellent way to get an expert opinion on the value of your home using comparables in your area. This service is free and takes only a few seconds to fill out the form.
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  • “My wife and I hired Alberto Vasquez as our realtor to sell our home. We were not aware when we hired him that we were hiring the probably the best Realtor in South Florida. This was our first home and it was hard to part from it. Albert made this process as smooth and easy as possible. His knowledge and expertise in the area of real estate is unmatched. Albert took it upon himself to sit down with me and explain all my options when selling my home, as opposed to just telling me what to list at or having me list at some ridiculous price. He had clearly prepared and done research of the area prior to sitting down with me. He hired a professional photographer to take panoramic pictures and staged my home without asking me for a penny. He then sent out flyers with all the information to the surrounding neighborhoods and even included a virtual tour on the link. This resulted in numerous offers pouring in almost instantly and our home being sold the day of the open house for above asking price. Our home actually the highest sale in the community in the last 2 years. Cannot say enough about Alberto Vasquez. We were so impressed that we hired him as our realtor to purchase our new home where he once again worked his magic. Highly recommend him. Give him call and see for yourself..”
  • “My husband and I had a phenomenal experience in selling our property in Miami recently, and all because of Albert! Our spectacular journey began with lining up possible agents to partner with. Albert was the second agent we called and the search ended with him as we immediately felt the right chemistry flowing. Albert instantaneously won our confidence because of his superb professionalism, impressive knowledge and politeness. Albert certainly portrayed as one having an excellent and complete grasp of the real estate industry as evidenced by the data collection he presented leading to our scientific determination of an appropriate asking price for the sale of the property. He was truthful yet was working hard to give us the results that would work on our favor.
    Once the first phase was set, Albert worked hard to circulate the listing as extensively as possible. All avenues were exhausted: emails, post cards, and videos were sent out/posted of our beautifully portrayed property.
    When the property sale did not ride the market quickly, Albert made truthful and brilliant suggestions for possible strategies, to augment marketing. All through this process, Albert kept us in the loop, every step of the way. Since we live out of state, Albert professionally represented us throughout the process and earned the crown of an excellent negotiator with certainly positive results to our favor. He followed through the closing and even assisted us after the closing to ensure the transaction was a success and all the necessary documents in our safe keeping.
    Albert is absolutely topnotch!!! It was a huge and critical decision on who to partner with, but we have no regret. We highly recommend Albert to anyone needing real estate help and we would hire him in a heart beat the next time we will have the need again. Thank you, Albert!”

  • “From the moment I first spoke with Albert over the phone, I knew he was THE Realtor for me! His knowledge, expertise, excellent people skills and genuine desire to facilitate came across immediately. He is the REAL DEAL! Albert is highly competent, reliable, trustworthy and just an absolute pleasure to work with. My property sold in just 6 days after listing it! The buyer was even willing to pay $10,000.00 above the appraised value of the house making it one of the highest sales in my community. Only the highest praise and recommendation can I give Albert! He is truly a gem when it comes to being a realtor, and a lovely human being.”